The lockdown continues..!

I was rather hoping that by the time it came down to writing this blog post we would be up and running again, but unfortunately we are still at home. The horses are working six days a week and we are trying to vary their work as much as possible, alternating between hacking, lunging, schooling, pole and cavelletti work and having a little jump down a grid every week.
Windrush have been fantastic in trying to support us all through this lockdown. We have been having weekly Pilates sessions with Julie Driver to keep us all in shape and have also had a business session with Sarah Armstrong. We also have received some training videos from Pippa through the coaching app ‘OnForm’ to keep us focused and motivated at home.
We’ve tried to keep busy on the yard by doing all the jobs that normally get put off – the stables have been painted, doors varnished and the jumps have been pressure washed. We might not be going anywhere but at least the yard looks tidy!
Hopefully next time I check in, we will be out and about!
Stay safe everyone
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