Lici’s lockdown and being let out…just a bit!

Theres not a tonne to report!

We’re still in lockdown but its nice to be allowed out to do some training. The horses and I have been training once a week with my long term coach Rhian Jones, and I also took two horses to Richard Waygood for flatwork sessions. The lorry left the yard for the first time in two months – I don’t think its ever stood still for that long! We also made a trip to our local XC venue Rabson Manor with our two 5yos for some fun xc – we we’re all very happy after so much flatwork!
I have also started back coaching individual lessons with regular clients as well as some new faces. I’ve enjoyed catching up with everyone and getting back into the swing of it all.
The silver lining from lockdown has been spending lots of time really training the basics, particularly with the young horses. They have been doing lots of strengthening exercises and feel fantastic for it. Pip has been keeping an eye on us as we have sent her videos to look over. I have also done a few sessions with Julie Driver the Windrush pilates trainer.
Hopefully we might be able to get out to do some Showjumping snd dressage in the near future – and maybe some eventing before the end of July if were lucky!
Lici x
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