Connie’s Lockdown

If you had told me 4 weeks ago that we would be in lockdown and unable leave home I think I probably would have laughed! It’s amazing how much can change in such a short space of time.
I did manage to get a last run before the lockdown at Lincoln, where Challenge Z posted another Double Clear to finished 3rd in the BE100.
We have tried to keep the horses in the same routine and we have just kept them ticking over at home. The older horses are mostly hacking and spending lots of time in the fields now that the paddocks have dried out. We are using this extra time at home to put some time into the younger horses, who are doing lots of pole and cavelletti work to try and strengthen them up and keep their brains busy. To lessen the risks associated with riding horses to help reduce the strain in the NHS, we have stopped all fast/gallop work and have decided to decrease the amount of jumping that we do. The NHS is a fantastic service and we are so fortunate to have it in this country. Without it, our sport (being a high risk sport) would not be able to function and it’s brilliant to see the equestrian community come together to fundraise for Nursing charities.
We are keeping busy on the yard – the fields have been rolled, harrowed and topped and we have started painting the stables and oiling the doors. The next job.. pressure washing the jumps..!
Hopefully next time that I check in with you all we will be up and running!
Stay safe everyone
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